Friday, August 21, 2009

News:: Ketch Harbour Wolves TONIGHT

That's right Halifax. Ketch Harbour Wolves - who you might remember from the praise we showered on them (Best Canadian EP of 2008) - are in town recording their follow up and have a last minute show at The Seahorse tonight.

They'll be playing with Modern Citizen and Owl, so I would urge all of you sad sacks to beat the heat with some anthem-esque rock from a great bunch of guys. Things start @ 9PM and tickets are only seven duckets, so make sure you get down and support these guys.

OWL on the other hand is the super electro synth pop duo from Hali that that will:
a) Make you want to cuddle in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate.
b) Make you want to dance in the middle of the street with your best friend during an Atlantic Canadian snowstorm.
c) Make you want to throw a surprise party for a complete stranger.
d) Make you want to bake a batch of cookies, but then eat all of the dough before the oven is heated to the proper temperature.
e) Then tuck you in to bed because your tummy hurts, and apologize for the cookie dough incident.

Here's the official video for Words. If you watch and don't like the song, chances are we can't be e-friends anymore.


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