Monday, August 17, 2009

Old School Mondays:: So, You're A Philosopher? Edition

I have to say, if you don't know what song we're posting today, just based on the title alone, we should likely just shut this here OSM down and let you school yourself at the hands of the Teacha/Blastmasta. That would actually suit me fine, as we're into our brief period of hot summer weather here, and I didn't feel like writing anything last night. But that isn't how we do things around here, so you'll get some nonsensical two-cents no matter how hot it is.

Because of the random inspirations are usually behind each edition of OSM, it's kind of rare that I get two editions from one source. That said, this is the case this week. I already referenced Lyrics Born's new mixtape in last week's funky titles OSM, but it was only after that post went up that I realized that the chorus of Funky Hit Records originates from the Boogie Down Productions classic My Philosophy.

Now, My Philosophy has to be one of my favorite old school jams, without a doubt, so I was a little surprised that I had never posted it. To the Ack's credit, he had posted it once in a KRS-defending post of sorts last year, but I figured it was high time such a classic song made it's OSM debut. If you're one of those folks who thinks crazy things like KRS is over-rated or some such, just give this a listen. Both KRS' flow and lyrical content were kind of groundbreaking for the time, and the beat is kind of legendary as well, with its' rugged drum track paired with smooth, scratched horns and what sounds like a sliver of a Bob James sample. When you consider it was released some 20 years ago, and still sounds just as awesome today, it's simply hip hop at it's most magical.

It's been a while since we've had a one-song only OSM, but this song certainly deserves such revered status. So here's the the album version, an extended remix from the promo 12", and the instrumental. Enjoy.

MP3:: BDP - My Philosophy

MP3:: BDP - My Philosophy (Extended Remix)

MP3:: BDP - My Philosophy (Instrumental)

Video:: Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy

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