Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Lyrics Born

I mentioned Lyrics Born's new mixtape in this week's OSM, so I thought it only made sense to give LB and The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season Pho whatever teensie bit of shine we can offer. I must confess, I missed the first three installments of LB's mixtape series, but the 4th makes me think that were probably some solid listening.

In case you weren't aware that the Japanese James Brown is one of the most hard-working and versatile fellows in indie hip hop, then Season Pho will certainly put you in the know. The mix opens with a rarity - a modern, yet humorous, rap skit, but soon finds LB blessing a Tribe beat (I should look it up, but I'm gonna trust my instincts and say its Lyrics To Go, which seems appropriate anyway) with some social commentary on the The Divide Is Widening. This is kind of the exception though, as the majority of the rest of the album find LB deploying varying styles of the melodic, sing-songy flow he's known for. In fact the transition of styles between songs is impressive, as you can find LB in regular MC mode on one song, and then paying a proper homage to soul greats like the aforementioned JB on the next (The World Is Calling (Remix) & Beautiful Bowlegged Lady).

About half the songs on LBVSSP are guest shots LB has done with other artists - ranging from the souful hip hop of producer J. Boogie's Revolution, to a trio of neo-soul-ish tracks with his wife Joyo Velarde at the mix's middle point, on down to adding his Bay area flavour to the middle eastern funk of Put 'Em Up, a collabo with Tel-Aviv DJ crew Soulico. But the jewel of the whole thing might be Funky Hit Records, a sneak peak of what we can expect from LB's forthcoming new album AS U WERE. The remix version here, from DJ Erb, is solid, but LB was kind enough to offer the original as a free download on his site, and it's just a classic, knee-buckling throwback party track that you'll have stuck in your head for days (and if you were like me, you'd have the "funky, funky, funky, funky, funky hit records" bit bouncing around your skull until you finally remember it comes from My Philosophy). I also enjoy the video much more than I think I should - that Lyrics Born is just an entertaining guy I guess.

So enjoy Funky Hit Records courtesy of Lyrics Born, and get The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season Pho or AS U WERE (when it drops), if you like what you hear.

MP3:: Lyrics Born - Funky Hit Records

VIDEO:: Lyrics Born - Funky Hit Records

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