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Reviews:: York Redoubt self-titled + CONTEST

Well, how about a giveaway folks? If you like what you hear from York Redoubt, why not sign up to win a copy of the record and two tickets to their CD release show on September 5th @ The Seahorse. They will be sharing the stage with Bloodhouse and The Lodge. Basically, your ears and hearts will melt.

To enter, just email us (herohill AT gmail DOT COM) or leave us a comment with your contact info. Two lucky winners will walk away with the goods.

Are you there Noise? It's me, Acker. I know a coming of age tale for women might not tie into the state of music very easily, but with everyone moving towards steel and banjos or lo-fi noodling, you can’t help but miss spastic guitar, minor chords, shocking harmonies and moments of pure melody that we thought would last forever. I don’t want to be 90’s guy, but shit, don’t you miss those two-minute bursts of noise? Or bands that moved on stage and left the crowd sweat soaked, bruised and feeling alive? That era was an embarrassment of riches full of the type of songs that made you sit up and take notice and the type of bands that made you fall in love with music.

Thankfully, Halifax’s York Redoubt is bringing all of those things back. Their new self-titled record is full of loud/quiet/loud/loud gems, fragmented thoughts and ideas and tons of distortion and fuzz. The fact that beautiful moments of melody (the breakdown on I Said Slightly and the Beatles-y feel they drop on Terrified for example) stand side-by-side with ear drum shattering moments like the feedback heavy, guitar shronking outro of Division makes this record unpredictable but incredibly rewarding.

It’s fun to hear the band slog through the droning, two minutes of Where The Day Grows and think, “what in the hell is going on here” only to get hit with a moment of pure bliss (the great group harmonies and cymbal crashes that grab you at the 1:15 mark). Initials is a jam space jam out held together by a few well placed vocals. Even straight ahead tracks like Mending seem ready to break apart at the seams, but What I love is that even with all the experimental flourishes and sonic explosions, York Redoubt show without a doubt, that they can still ride a melody. The muscular strums of the infectious single Upside and the spasmatic drumming of Wires grab you instantly, but just when you are about to get comfortable, they veer off into a chaotic storm of noise or hushed reflection.

I know that there are tons of silverbacks that can’t wait to bring up the old days when clubs were packed, live music was an experience and loud was all that mattered (I just made myself blush), but these Haligonian young-ins are barely twenty years old which means that they either have an old uncle that is still trying to be cool or access to some fantastic records. Either way, if it hits home with one of the best upstart young bands in the city, there’s hope for the masses. Let’s be honest. It’s 2009 and the world is all types of messed up and no matter how much we want it to, rock n’ roll ain’t going to save your life. But bands like York Redoubt remind us all why we bother living it.

MP3:: York Redoubt - Upside

MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/yorkredoubt
BUY:: http://noyesrecords.com

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i'm really digging the York Redoubt stuff and played them on my radio show a few times already!!! great to see you guys writing about them!!


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Do want!
dnightingale (at) gmail.com


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