Video Hits:: Dan Mangan, Tom Fun & Blue Scholars

Nice, Nice, Very Nice

It’s Thursday, you’re here at the hill, and you want only one thing (well, besides the free mp3′s you cyber-leach you): videos. Well who am I to disappoint. We’ve got kind of a random collection today, but random is welcome when it’s random quality. Ack-endorsed Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Mangan, Caper cluster-rock extravaganza The Tom Fun Orchestra, cerebral Seattle hip hop duo Blue Scholars, and a little bonus from Halifax (via St. John’s) singer songwriter Amelia Curran. That list spells quality to me, but see for your self.

Anytime the Ack, or “Captain Polaris” as he’s been insisting I call him now, repeatedly champions a singer-songwriter type, as he’s done with Vancouver’s Dan Mangan, it’s usually with good reason. After listening to Mangan’s Nice, Nice, Very Nice on the bus ride in this AM, I see what he was talking about. Clever lyrics and beautiful musicianship make Mangan’s songs feel like accessible art, and that’s always nice, and even perhaps very nice. This video is also rather striking, simple, but striking none the less.

Dan Mangan - The Indie Queens Are Waiting

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Road Regrets

It seems like I wrote about Tom Fun’s last album, You Will Land With a Thud a decade ago (or like 1.5 years, close though in bloggity blog terms), but that album has spread so far and wide that they’ve extended the life of it to great lengths. But I’m not sure we’ve ever posted a video from this Cape Breton powerhouse, and even though I doubt a video can capture the raucousness of a live Tom Fun show, we were sent a link to their latest one, Throw me To The Rats, and I thought folks would enjoy.

Tom Fun Orchestra - Throw Me To The Rats

Tom Fun Orchestra - Watchmaker

MP3:: Tom Fun Orchestra - Watchmaker

How’s it, brah. Don’t mind me, I was just trying out a little of the Hawaiian I learned from Dog The Bounty Hunter there. Anyway, like the Ack with his Singer-Songwriters, you can believe that if I mention a hip hop outfit more than once on the hill, then they are quality. Seattle’s Blue Scholars are quality - intelligent lyrics + banging beats, each and every time out - and so I’m always happy to report on what they’re doing. Their new EP, OOF! was heavily influenced by Hawaii, not so much tourist-Hawaii mind, but the realer, day to day experience, and this video for the first single shows that influence perfectly.

Blue Scholars - Hi-808

MP3:: Blue Scholars - HI-808

Amelia Curran has a new album out next week, and as this lovely song from her last album shows, it will likely be quite good.

Amelia Curran - Scattered and Small



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