Saturday, September 5, 2009

herohill / music nova scotia artist of the month:: Ruth Minnikin

After a month off (sorry y'all, having a child go through heart surgery was only slightly more important than blogging), we are back with the herohill/music nova scotia band of the month. The leaves are turning and the little chill rests in the night air, so it seems like the perfect time to settle into the autumn sounds of Ruth Minnikin and Her Bandwagon.

The Haligonian song writer has been a part of some of the best (and most criminally ignored) bands to come out of the city, The Heavy Blinkers and The Guthries. If the internet and blogs existed like they do now, The Blinkers would be a household name and honestly, with today's obsession with alt-country, The Guthries are another classic case of a band being ahead of its time.

Well, the world's loss is our gain because in the years that followed both bands, Ruth has had time to pen records like Folk Art and make cameos on albums by Joel Plaskett, Gabe Minnikin, Old Man Luedecke, Kate Maki, and The Russian Futurists and now she's about to release another solo record (with the willing support of the Bandwagon) called Depend on This.

Apparently, the record is a return to orchestration fans of The Blinkers will appreciate, but she's grown so much in confidence and song writing that there is no way this record won't be a must have. The first single is called Four Churches moves with a confidence and swagger, but Ruth's precious vocals draw in you in close. Deep below the infectious sounds is a compelling story, which according to Ruth is:
About Allan gardens in Toronto, between the blocks Jarvis, Sherbourne, Dundas and Gerrard Sts. in this city block, on 3 of the 4 corners there are churches, the fourth corner is an empty lot. My good friend/artist/actor chris cunningham used to live on Gerrard and made up a story about a demon that lived beneath the gardens. the force of the 4 churches had kept the demon under the earth and at bay... But eventually it broke through the forth church, destroying it and leaving the empty lot...

Four Churches - Ruth Minnikin

Needless to say, we at herohill are waiting on baited breath for Depend on This and think it will be the perfect Autumn record.

MP3:: Ruth Minnikin & Her Bandwagon - Sun Coming up (Eric's Trip cover)

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