News:: 2009 Halifax Pop Explosion Schedule

Well now, the Polaris hub-bub is finally finished, so what’s the next big event for the hill? Don’t play coy with me, you know very well it’s the The Halifax Pop Explosion and since the HPX schedule was recently released, I thought we’d better pass it on. It’s available here, and the first event on the list is one that hopefully jumps out at you: The Herohill Showcase. Wednesday, Oct 21st. The Seahorse. York Redoubt, The Got To Get Got, Valleys, and Bruce Peninsula. All for 8 bucks. That’s a hell of a show right there - four bands that have each put out a great album this year (don’t take my word for it, the Ack can put you in the know here, here, here, or here), plus you can come out and share a high five with your two favorite bloggers. Whole lot of win in that evening I’d say.

So step one, check the schedule again, and then head over and get yourself some tickets. There’s no end of amazing shows: great showcases from Hand Drawn Dracula, Noyes, Nevado, and Collegen Rock, Jenn Grant & Timber Timbre at St. Matthew’s Church, recent XM Verge award winner Dan Mangan at The Company House, and a bunch of great shows at the Paragon, including a crazy Cadence Weapon-headlined dance party on Thursday night and an amazing finale on Saturday that features Japandroids, You Say Party! We Say Die!, and Zeus. You can check the full lineup here, but I think it’s pretty apparent that it’s going to be an awesome festival.

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Road Regrets

MP3:: Zeus - That’s All (Genesis Cover)

MP3:: Bruce Peninsula - Crabapples

MP3:: Jenn Grant - Heartbreaker

MP3:: Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire

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