Friday, September 11, 2009

Polaris Round Up:: Joel Plaskett Three

Honestly, there isn't anything else we can say about Joel, Three or his inclusion in the Short List. We've talked about him for years and watched him grow as an artist. As native Nova Scotians, we are proud of his music, proud of him and certainly proud to know him.

But here's the thing... people that dismiss his talent as boring East Coast rock are completely wrong when it comes to Three. His improv fusion of country, rock, folk, fiddle and FUN is much more wide reaching. He doesn't speak for bluenosers, or even just Canadians. Joel's songs speak to everyone. With the horns and backing vocals that pepper his whimsical words on Disc I, Plaskett takes a step into Jim Ford territory, which is not a name I toss around lightly.

He also delivers three different styles of music that kill with with homesickness, longing, love, growing up. I know those topics might not be as note-worthy as religion, politics or the economy but if you ask most young music fans, those issues are a lot more real and a lot more powerful.

He pushed his sound and pushed his limits creating this 27-song opus and whether or not you think it's the record of the year, I guarantee some of the tracks that make an appearance on Disc III will be songs you still hear people playing 20 years from now. Three is a classic - in appearance, scope, vision and song. How do I think he'll do? Well, all things being equal I'd like to see him in the Final Three pushing to win. I don't know if the East Coast bias will hurt him though. With all the people nominated for creating the same type of record, his shift should be recognized and rewarded.

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - You Let Me Down

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