Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Two Fingers - Instrumentals

Earlier this year I talked about electronic outfit Two Fingers being one of the more interesting names in the Polaris pre-list pool. This was due to both their sound and the fact that I had no idea what their Canadian connection was - the latter part was easy enough to decipher, Brazil native Amon Tobin nows calls Montreal home (producer Joe "Doubleclick" Chapman is the other half of the Two Fingers equation).

Although their Polaris journey was kind of over before it started, I gave Two Fingers a number of spins after that initial post, and so I was interested in checking out their latest release, Instrumentals. It is, as one might expect, an instrumental album, featuring re-worked versions of their last album, plus 10 new tracks. These instrumentals remain true to my previous descrption of the Two Fingers sound:

...electro-centic at their core, with clicks, rattles, and various other types of percussion sounds all arranged in a painstaking fashion to create a sound that's cacophonous, yet melodic.

But that said, it feels as though they've kicked things up a notch, which makes sense when you consider that there's no vocals this time and the music has to carry the show. Tobin and Chapman are able to do some impressive things, especially when you consider they hardly use any traditional percussion sounds. House, hip hop, Brazilian rhythms, and even Middle Eastern & Indian-influenced sounds can be heard at different points through these 22 tracks, with most able to keep your head bopping throughout, so if you're looking for something electro-listening, Two Fingers is a good place to start.

MP3:: Two Fingers - One Flute Rhythm

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