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Five Funky Stories:: Dan Mangan

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The random question generator isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. Just ask Dan Mangan, as he was forced to deal with the heat of who he might boo on stage and what the best Canadian record of all time is. More importantly, it gives us another chance to talk about the young Vancouver singer. You might think his amazing EP, even better follow up, or the fact he won $25K for being the Verge Artist of the Year would be good enough reason, but you'd be wrong. It's because if pressed to cover one hip-hop track, Dan would choose one of the best hip-hop songs ever.

Dan will be here in Halifax playing two shows during Pop Explosion, including a headline slot on Friday night @ The Company House. Even if we weren't covering the HPX, I'd be waiting anxiously for this show, as Dan is a terrific performer and I love to sing about Robots.
Name: Dan Mangan

Band: currently addicted to the internet


1. Can you think of any band or singer you would boo if they came on-stage unexpectedly?

Donald Rumsfeld?

2. If you could only keep one instrument from your collection, what would it be?

May be typical.. But it's the guitar.. I've only got one decent one.. It's a Taylor

3. Name your all-time favorite Canadian album.

This question is frustratingly hard, and I can't answer it properly, but I will say that "Idols Of Exile" by Jason Collett didn't get the credit it deserved

4. What was the first moment you considered yourself a 'professional musician'?

When I had the opportunity to get back to even with debt and went ahead and spent the money on more gear

5. If forced to cover one hip hop song, what would it be?

93 Til Infinity by Souls Of Mischief

MP3:: Dan Mangan - Road Regrets

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