Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Jenocide

Oh you thought that with HPX set to start next week that perhaps our random question machine might have run out of steam? Sorry friend, but it's just getting warmed up, and so our random question-powered preview for this years Halifax Pop Explosion cranks things up a notch with Jenocide.

Jenocide is the alter-ego of Windom Earle synth-shredder Jen Clarke and she's ready to start a grrl-powered riot on the dance floor at the Paragon next Thursday when she kicks off a sure to be sweaty & crazy night that also features Oldfolks Home, Think About Life, and Cadence Weapon. On top of that, Jenocide just released her first full-length album, Machines To Make Us Wet (oh my Jenocide, you know we love us some naughty double-entendre here at the hill), which is 10 songs of some pretty aggro female electro. So if you can't make her HPX show, at the very least check out the new album.

Name: Jenocide

1. Would you prefer the chance to headline at HFX Pop Explosion or at a festival in another major Canadian city?

toughie! i would like to tour. if i say somewhere else do i get kicked out? wait i got this one:*HOMETOWN PRIDE*! fuck you.

2. What is your favorite venue to play (excluding those in your city of residence)

under the sea (there will be no accusations, just friendly crustaceans).

3. Would you move to the US if it you knew it would further your career?

tell me, what the hell am i doing drinking in LA? at 26? with lady gaga?

4. Can you please tell us what the hell happened to R. Kelly?

why you wanna play me? he's a genius. wait...put on a white suit and then ask me that question again.

5. If we commissioned you to write a song about herohill, what would the title be?

Underneath we're all lovable. hello hero, hero hello. hello hero. hello hello!

MP3:: Jenocide - Fashion Icon

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