Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Matilda from VALLEYS

Ah random question generator, you do make life fun. Our HPX showcase is getting close, and from a personal point of view, I'm pleased as punch to get Montreal's VALLEYS on our bill.

I have been championing these guys for a minute now, so the chance for me to see what happens when their fragile songs take on more of a shoegazing vibe when they hit the stage is thanks enough for this blog - note, if you want to send us cash, booze or cookies, well we won't say no.

Anyway. Tillie went head to head with the random question generator and we learned that sometimes pants aren't tight enough and Lou Bega has more game then we would have expected. All in all, either is good enough for a Friday.

Name: Tillie Perks

Band: Valleys


1. Would it be worth all the royalties to have to have your name attached to the 'Mambo Number 5?'

It depends, how much are we talking about?

2. Where was your first live performance?

Afro/World beat night club called Balattou in Montreal!

3. What is the worst experience you've had on the road since you started touring?

Sleeping with Lou Bega and still not getting my name in "Mambo Number 5".

4. Super tight pants on dudes: Yes! or Noooooooooooooooo!

YES! My friend Josh started exclusively wearing leggings because his tight pants weren't tight enough. It was a good move.

5. What excites you about most about making music?

The prospect of justifying an irresponsible lifestyle indefinitely.

MP3:: VALLEYS - Silent Woods

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