Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five Funky Stories:: Nancy from Dog Day

Our random question rundown of the performers at this year's HPX rolls on with Halifax's premier purveyors of darkly melodic indie rock: Dog Day

Although they somehow manage to maintain a low profile, you'd be hard pressed to find a Halifax band that's been discussed more on the intertubes than this Halifax foursome (yes, they remain a foursome despite drummer KC Spidle's departure, Rob Shedden (The Got To Get Got) is stepping in). With good reason too, very few bands are able to pair dark, swirling sounds and good old fashioned fuzzed out rock with floaty male/female harmonies like DD can. Dog Day's HPX show is on Saturday, Oct. 24th at The Seahorse, where they'll be headlining an evening that also features Ontario outfits Attack In Black & Ex-Po as well as Halifax's The Mighty Northumberland. So let's see how DD bassist Nancy Urich fared vs. the random question machine:

Name: Nancy Urich
Band: Dog Day

1. What's the longest time period you've gone without showering on the road?

probably around 5 days or so. thats when ya start using the filth as a protective coating. ewww.

2. Name one Halifax must-do for someone visiting for the first time.

hmmm. i guess i'd have to say check out some rawk shows wherever they may be. otherwise, food such as Robie Food.

3. We might invite you to play the fictional Hillfest, what will be on your rider?

water, local beer and bourbon. and then any meatless foods, we accept the standard nachos, salsa and hummus.

4. Discuss your #1 musical influence in one sentence. Go.

guitar rock reverb and harmonies. that's probably not a sentence.

5. Name a song you love that might surprise people.

valentine girl by the new kids. tho thats probably not a surprise.

Like your favorite Twin Hype EP, this post is a bit of a Double Barrel. This is because Nancy's answering of our random questions also coincides with the release of Elder Schoolhouse, a five song, limited edition vinyl release that the band recorded with Rick White at Elder Schoolhouse (one of the songs on side A was written by White himself for the band), which serves as White's home/studio. This release finds the band in a more musically experimental mood, stretching and exploring their songs moreso than in the past, but their trademark sound is still there. DD has released Synastry as a single, and you can check out its combination of driving guitar and haunting vocals below.

As I said, this is a limited vinyl release (400 copies to ship the end of this month), so head over to Divorce records to snap one up.

MP3:: Dog Day - Synastry

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