Old School Mondays:: PW Wolf’s 45 Live Edition

I hinted at this last week, in my original post for Peanut Butter Wolf’s 45 Live box set of hip hop vinyl singles, but the track list for his collection provided too irresistible. So, that’s what you’re going to get, more songs featured in the set, but first things first, if you haven’t heard about 45 Live, go and to check it out.

I said pretty much all I needed to say about the awesomeness of this set in my previous post, but for this one here I just went down the list and picked out some notable songs, and preferably ones I haven’t posted before. Rockin’ It is just a one of those legendary songs that never sounds old, despite how old school the style it uses is. Earlier this year I posted on Mantronix, but somehow I didn’t post Hardcore Hip Hop. Better later than never I suppose. I never managed to get my hands on a JVC Force album back in the day, but it’s one of those mythical NY groups I’d always heard about. Because of that, I’d always wanted to post on them, but never got around to it. This is a good enough reason I’d say.

Cash Money & Marvelous is another group I’ve posted on, but I didn’t post Mighty Hard Rocker, and it’s a great jam. I realized that I’ve ever posted The Bridge is Over before. So consider that a wrong now righted.

Some great old school songs from a great collection.

MP3:: Fearless Four - Rockin’ It

MP3:: Mantronix - Hardcore Hip-Hop

MP3:: JVC Force - Strong Island

MP3:: Cash Money & Marvelous - The Mighty Hard Rocker

MP3:: Boogie Down Productions - The Bridge is Over

Video:: BDP - The Bridge Is Over



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