Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick Hitters:: The Dudes

The Girl police are coming over
comb your hair and pretend you're sober
Andy lock the stash in the bottom drawer...

...the woman fuzz are coming for us
they're hardened by drawn-out divorces...
...averse to our verses, deplore the chorus

- The Dudes, "Girl Police"

Oh The Dudes, you're great - don't you ever change. I mean that. All smarm aside, we'll always have a soft spot for these raucous Calgarians here at the hill, and that's mainly due to their show at HPX a couple years ago. It was as hyped a crowd as I've seen here in Halifax:

The Dudes set had just gotten underway, and man, the crowd was eating out of their hands like some newly drinking age evangelicals at one of those huge glass tv churches.

And to top it off, they were signing autographs after the show, which was, and remains, a first for any show I've seen here in Halifax. But I should also make the point that I like The Dudes from a musical point of view as well. Arty they are not, and I'm fully aware that they might not float the hipster boat for many of our readers, but they have something far too few folks in indie music have: fun. Well, that, and they can certainly play. Dan Vacon is a charismatic frontman with a great voice, Scott Ross is a mustachioed wildman on the drums, and Brady Kirchner & Bob Quaschnick hold down their ends of the guitar-shaped fun wagon The Dudes pull with them wherever they go.

Like Brains.Heart.Guitar before it, Blood Guts Bruises Cuts is full of chunky, ear-gouging riffs, and contagious choruses that not only encourage audience accompanyment, but pretty much demand it. Whether it's the un-abashed party rock of the aforementioned Girl Police, Connected, and Ever Been To Taiwan? or exploring far-from-perfect relationships on songs like Honest Mistake, Pretty Lies, Not S'Pose To Call, or Mr. Someone Else (which, I should add, is like The Other Man's lovably loudmouthed cousin), these Dudes once again prove they know how to write some pretty damn catchy rock & roll songs. Even when they slow things down to get serious for a minute, like on the bluesy trip down memory lane that is Ghost We're Buried On, they still do it with a wink and a swig of beer that lets you know that even though they are certainly serious about what they do, they don't take themselves too seriously.

On the off chance you need a bit more proof about that not taking themselves too seriously stuff, check them out on CBC R3 as well as their new video for Girl Police (Pirates cake hats forever!):

VIDEO:: CBC R3 - Dudeversity

VIDEO:: CBC R3 - Dudeversity Outakes

VIDEO:: The Dudes - Girl Police

MP3:: The Dudes - Girl Police

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