Quick Hitters:: Paperweight Snails of April

After a crushing weekend of amazing Canadian talent – I mean, Dan Mangan, Bruce Peninsula, Timber Timbre, Zeus, YSPWSD, Little Girls, TGTGG, York Redoubt, Cadence Weapon, Think About Life, Yukon Blond, ONFF are just some of the bands WE saw – my brain is happily existing as musical oatmeal right now. I’d say that has to be a sign that HPX09 was off the chain/hook/charts.

Not surprisingly, my neurons aren’t firing and the synapses aren’t connecting today, which works out perfectly since the lovely dudes from Paperweight write the type of melodic indie rock that you just know is good without having to listen to every subtle texture or clever lyric. No, these Belgium lads seem to know that a terrific melody mixed with a bit of drone and weight is enough to clear your mind and liberate your mind from the daily grind.

Their new record, Snails of April, isn’t pushing any musical boundaries, but that’s more than ok with me. Sometimes you just want to hear a record that stays in the pocket and find a band that knows their strengths and plays to them. Blissful melancholy. Shimmering guitar work. Nostalgic, love struck vocals. I could go on and on about any of these, trying to force a connection to hook you but honestly, the band does that on each and every track on the record. They throw in more than their fair share of summery riffs (Failure, the infectious Amy Knows or Summer Ends) perk your mood, but even when Paperweight hits their saddest notes (like Scared or Alone), I think the Belgium lads are smiling and secretly know it’s going to work out alright.

Paperweight - You & I

MP3:: Paperweight - Amy Knows
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/mypaperweight
WEB:: http://www.paperweight.be/

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