Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Zoey Van Goey

This morning I was running on vapors. It’s hard enough to plug away on a keyboard when the music you want to gush about is creative and inspiring, but when the release pile hits the typical year end slump, sifting through the discs is almost like a punishment.

Thankfully, I remembered I still hadn't mentioned Glasgow outfit Zoey Van Goey or their debut full length, The Cage Was Unlocked All Along. The twee-popping trio is a collection of ex-pats (of Canadian, Irish and English descent) that like so many other bands, started by chance at college and the rest as they say, is theirstory.

It almost sounds too typical on the surface – three nerdy kids meeting randomly while looking for the film library on campus – but when you digest the sounds and realize the talent the band exudes, you know you have found something special. I mean, how often would Stuart Murdoch or Paul Savage get involved with a debut record (both worked on the production) or how often do you find a trio of musicians with no real “band” experience playing with some of the most exciting bands in Europe (Frightened Rabbit, God Help the Girl)?

But as much as the trio will be lumped with the people that turned knobs on the record or the musicians they associate with, their take on summery pop for the thick horn rimmed, literary types has a bite. Sure, the beautiful melodies float along warming the hearts of all that hear, but The Cage Was Unlocked All Along is full of random noises and instruments that add that extra depth a lot of twee outfits neglect. Xylophones, ramshackle percussion and banjo add depth to the tracks, but so do the quirky, dark subjects Moore sings about.

Whether it’s a poppy ditty about people afraid to go outside in case some bad happens that they can’t afford or holing up in the basement instead of facing robots that should have taken over the world when the ball dropped on the year 2000, the band consistently offers more than lovesick tales and melancholic reflections. Bottom line, there's a reason the band is already on every critics lips across the pond and the members are being asked to fill the gaps when bands hit the road... they are talented and write songs you can't shake from your head.

MP3:: Zoey Van Goey - We Don't Have That Kind of Bread

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