Monday, November 30, 2009

News:: DUZHEKNEW 7" and tape on the way!

Usually around December the pickings are pretty slim for the bloggers. Instead of new music it is list after list - yes, we will have a few, but trust me, you will want to tune in for some super holiday treats we have - or albums that the plebs wont be able to buy until February or March. I was just starting to settle into that short winter's nap with visions of Kelp's 2010 release schedule dancing in my head when an email from Adam O'Reilly showed up in my inbox.

I've never met Adam, but he's been involved in two local projects I have fawned over (Roomdoom and Fall Horsie if you are asking). A quick glance showed that he's branching out with a solo effort under the cryptic moniker, DUZHEKNEW. The name may be impossible to spell first time around, but the tracks are impossible to ignore. Mashing enough Talking Heads to please the masses with a oddly distinct Halifax feel, Adam's first few tracks are the type of shit that gets me excited about music again.

The two tracks he sent over are only the tip of the iceberg. For these recordings he played every note himself, but when he gets back to Halifax he's going to join forces with herohill favs Cousins to play a few shows, and in early 2010 he's going to release a tape in a ziplock bag on Stacy Lloyd Brown's new label, Drawn Daggers. Honestly, this post could have been as simple as "listen to Came out the other side, ok, find one of your new favorite Hali bands and pre-order the tape right now". Vanish/Banish is going to be a doozy folks.

MP3:: DUZHEKNEW - Came Out the Other Side, OK

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