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Quick Hitters:: CFCF

Pleasant surprises are rare in this day & age, but I have to say, one of the nice things about having one of these nifty music blogs, is that you tend to get pleasantly surprised on a fairly regular basis. This is exactly what happened when I listened to CFCF's Continent for the first time a little while ago. I knew nothing about him, other than that he was a Montreal DJ, and I'd seen his name out there as a remixer, but I was caught a little bit off-guard by how much I liked his full-length debut.

CFCF is otherwise known as Michael Silver, and he's made a name for himself over the last couple years with remixes for the likes of Crystal Castles, Sally Shapiro, HEALTH and The Presets. But Continent is strictly a CFCF project, recorded by Silver in his home studio over the period of time between fall 2008 and this past summer. This somewhat lengthy period obviously allowed him time to tweak and layer sound after lovely sound into his songs - one of the things I like most about the album is that new sounds are constantly being dropped into the mix, but everything still sounds seamless and joyfully melodic.

You Hear Colours is a great example of just that, because it opens with a dark, almost ATCQ-like drum track, but layers of keys, horns, and even guitar are added over the tracks five plus minutes, but it all fits together really well.

The other thing that stands out about Continent for me is the 80's electro sound that runs through it, it just has those really warm, analog synth & drum sounds that I've been drawn to over the last year or so from folks like Eliot Lipp or Dam Funk. The first single from the album, Monolith, is an excellent poster boy for that 80's sound, as its stellar piano & synth lines make it sound like it could have subbed in for Animotion as the intro for Fashion Television (and I mean that as a compliment, as FT and Obsession are a classic bit of 80's Canadiana). But CFCF is far from a one-80's-trick pony, as Big Love sounds like something RJD2 could have done earlier this decade, the lush Letters Home has a lovely dialed-down house sound, and the stuttering Come Closer feels like it was birthed from some UK scene or another.

And as if all this wasn't enough, Silver has recorded an OMC cover for Paper Bag Record's awesome new (free!) covers compilation. I'd been meaning to post on CFCF for a while, but covering what is likely the Ack's favorite New Zealand one hit wonder moves you to the front of the queue. So, to get you up to speed with CFCF's work to date, I've posted a few songs below, but I strongly suggest you check out Continent, as I think it is the kind of album that most people wouldn't normally seek out, but is just a really great album that deserves to be heard.

Update: CFCF and Paper Bag made another track available for d/l today, Big Love, which is a Fleetwood Mac cover. Who knew? Anyway, I've added that song below.

MP3:: CFCF - Big Love

MP3:: CFCF - Monolith

MP3:: CFCF - How Bizarre (OMC cover)

MP3:: Sally Shapiro - Love In July (CFCF Remix)
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