Christmas Party:: The Dudes, In-Flight Safety & Penny Blacks

Well now, it’s the 23rd of December, who wouldn’t want more Christmas music? Well I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t, but it’s pretty much all I have for you today. But don’t despair, as you might expect, it’s not your average Christmas music. Today we’ve got an original Christmas song from The Dudes called Don’t Diss Christmas, a take on the beloved Fairy Tale of New York from beloved Haligonian acts In-Flight Safety and Jenn Grant, and a version of the ubiquitous Macca classic Wonderful Christmas Time from Saint John, NB’s Penny Blacks. So grab some ‘nog pump these up and get festive.

MP3:: The Dudes - Don’t Diss Christmas

MP3:: In-Flight Safety & Jenn Grant - Fairy Tale Of New York

MP3:: Penny Blacks - Wonderful Christmas Time

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