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Favorite-of 09:: Local Releases (5-1)

So, obviously you were on the edge of your seat wondering what 5 releases could possibly top the quality we hit you with yesterday. Well, fear not my friends. Here's the cream of the Hali crop for you to enjoy.

As a special treat, while you digest these gems you can think about some of the fantastic stuff due out next year and start saving cash for new records from DUZHEKNEW, Jon Mckiel, Old Man Luedecke and many more.

Band:: The Sorrys
Album:: Neanderthal Cell Phone
Web:: http://www.myspace.com/thesorrys
Review:: http://www.herohill.com/2009/10/reviews-sorrys-neanderthal-cell-phone.htm

Q1) What was the best musical moment for The Sorrys this year?
Jim - Passion Prince. It’s 2 minutes shorter than Kashmir.
Trevor - Jim’s solo on “Passion Prince.” It’s actually a minute and thirty-seven seconds.
Q2) As a music fan on the other side of 30, I find the music you guys make very refreshing. Not only does it make me want to get up and move, it takes the position that the best days aren't still behind us. You guys all have day jobs and have settled into "real" life but keep on rocking. What keeps you writing and playing shows?
Jim - It’s our church. I can’t help but psychologize, and say that like many other human endeavors (e.g., religion) it’s essentially about staving off the fear of death (but in a fun way!)
Trevor - We feel a deep sense of responsibility for not letting our immense gifts and unrivaled talent lie fallow.
Q3) If The Sorrys had to pick a drink that summed up their music, what would we all be drinking at the show?
Jim - Ten-Penny.
Trevor - Weer.
Q4) If you could offer your spot on the Best-of List to any band, who would get the nod?
Jim - Doug Mason
Trevor - Fuck that. What if you agreed with me? Then we’re fucked.
Q5) Most of Halifax agrees that a Sorrys show is one not to miss. That being said, covers are a huge part of the live experience. If you had the chance to hear any band cover a Sorrys song, what band and what song?
Jim - Ronnie James Dio doing Achievement Races
Trevor - That’s so true about Halifax. I do appreciate the kind words though. I’d have to say Celine Dion doing “Restaurant.” There’s something about her genuine lack of artifice and inherent earthiness. I think she’d bring the song to life without risk of it coming off overwrought.
Q6) For any of our readers that have never been to Halifax and might potentially end up here for a few days, what are the three "must-do" things you would recommend fill their itinerary?
Jim - Take the ferry. Go to Agricola Street.Have some good Middle Eastern food.
Trevor - Gap, McDonalds and Future Shop. Try to hit all three. But definitely Future Shop.

As a special treat, here are a couple of unmixed demos from the upcoming Sorrys release. They sound awesome and haven't even been mixed folk, so ah... yeah, 2010 = year of The Sorrys.

MP3:: The Sorrys - Sitting Duck (demo)

MP3:: The Sorrys - Passion Prince (demo)

Band:: York Redoubt
Album:: S/T
Web:: http://www.myspace.com/yorkredoubt
Review:: http://www.herohill.com/2009/08/reviews-york-redoubt-self-titled.htm

Sadly, York Redoubt continues the tradition of me getting behind a bad just to see it pack it in (ISR last year for example). The youngsters have decided to go their separate ways, but this record was a glimpse at the talent they possess.

Band:: Cousins
Album:: Out on Town
Web:: http://www.myspace.com/cousinscousins
Review:: http://www.herohill.com/2009/08/reviews-cousins-out-on-town.htm

Q1) What was the most important music moment for you in '09?
The most important musical moment was many moments. We did a tour from halifax to windsor on and we got to play with some very fine acts, some of our favorites. Play Guitar, Special Noise, Shotgun Jimmie, Emma Mckenna. We had a really great showcase at Pop Montreal with Fall Horsie, Omon Ra and Play Guitar, it was a really great way to end the tour and also a positive experience to keep us going.
Q2) What prompted you to transition from A Helpful Diagram into a full fledged band?The transition from Helpful Diagram to Cousins came out of a frustration. Performing solo, i felt as though i was not able to actualize the songs the way i thought that they could be. I was trying to take the songs places on stage that i wasn't able to do on my own.
After recording the album by myself, I was able to place all the instruments in a way that i wanted them to be performed. Obviously I needed to form a band to perform what i had done on the recording. The change ended up being bigger than anticipated. As a band we agreed to change the name and start fresh. In a way, for better or for worse, we've kind of left the album behind. Some of the songs have changed so much with the new members that i wiash we could go back in time and change things around on the recording.
Q3) If you had to he chance to tell music lovers across Canada the best thing about the Halifax scene, what would you say?
the best thing about the halifax music scene? there is a lot of local talent, and we have to work really hard to get things done. I like to think that we're tough here, we don't get a lot of support from industries and government, the venues suck, the money is awful, but we keep trying, working hard and helping each other out.
Q4) What's next for Cousins?
Next up for cousins. We're trying to plan for more tours. One across canada, one in europe, some of those states too. We're writing new material and trying it out in shows, planning to go into the studio as a band for the first time this winter.
Q5) Did you grab your band name from the convenience store/restaurant in the North End?
Cousins the band name comes from: keeping it simple, succinct, wanting to careful in our use of poetry, and patronizing phrases. So yes, i guess you could say that we did get the name from the restaurant.
Q6) If you had the chance to pick one band to take your place on our Best-of List, who would you pick?
A band to replace us? i'm not sure who's on the list or who counts in the contest. I'd say RoomDoom, Play Guitar, York Redoubt, I hope they're on the list.

Now, how about a new track from Cousins. They recorded a nice basement session this weekend and hit us off properlike with a punchy, rough little gem titled Nans. Here are the details - written by aaron mangle & pat ryan. Aaron Mangle: guitar, vocals, drums, percussion. Pat Ryan: bass, percussion

MP3:: Cousins - Nans

Band:: The Lodge
Album:: Take That Devil
Web:: www.myspace.com/thelodgeband
Review:: http://www.herohill.com/2009/03/reviews-lodge-take-that-devil.htm

Q1) What was your best musical moment of '09?
We played a ckdu benefit and we did good, i have never felt that much freedom, elasticity, and fun in any band i have been involved in...i felt like we finally got to the place i have been trying to get to since i was 12 years old playing a 25 dollar guitar plugged into a radio, it took a long time.
Q2) What motivated you to get this "supergroup" together and start recording songs?
Cliff and andrew were in neuseiland. we a late 90's band that ripped off can, giant sand, and the lips... these guys are long term collaborators with super even temperaments and an ability to put up with my whimsy and general flakiness. cliff and i dont have to talk about anything ever...we just play and it works most of the time. weird. andrew can learn anything super fast and is a very creative guy. mike o is one of my favourite singers period and i really enjoy working with him. it just seemed to work out, it was weird. the fact that we have one singer, one guitar, bass and drums makes it relatively easy to get stuff together and chase what we are now calling the ultimate freedom rock buzz. when you are doing what you do naturally and lock into it. i know we have a ways to go but i really enjoy this band. we click, it's not an easy thing to find.
Q3) As a first hand witness that's seen how the Halifax scene has changed over the last 10-15 years must be pretty shocking. What's the biggest difference/benefit to the new internet saturated model and do you ever wonder how the increased exposure bands get so early on in their careers would have helped your old bands?
The internet has leveled the playing field in a way that you cant always tell the lifers from the dabblers. we are inundated with stuff,some is awesome, some is careerist and samey. by careerist i mean people too conscious of what is cool, pitchforky type shit. ian mcgettigan wore all those clothes and shaved stripes in his head for a reason.
A record purchase used to require research, money, and a leap of faith, partially based on the cover art, but the halifax explosion bands got insane exposure because of the whole sloan mini seattle thing...way more than anyone is getting now. i remember looking at the year end national chart in 97 and superfriendz were number 2 after pavement. insane. it was a different time. people were turning down record deals.
Q4) What's next for The Lodge? Was Take That Devil a one off, or are you going to keep playing and recording?
We have 5 bed trax done for the next cd, classes for cutups. a little heavier, a little more concise. trying to rip off keith levene from PIL as much as possible.
Q5) If you had to pick one band to take your place on our Best-of list, who would take your spot?
So many but this is off the top of the dome. york redoubt --- astonishing promisey sonic youths. melody and originality and they can rock. i hope they dont give up. dreamsploitation. chuck blazevic is a real musical genius, i dont know why more people dont know about this guy. check it out. But the people who are getting tons of attention deserve it...jenn grant, old man, rose, myles, etc. the plaskett record is a staggering achievement. making one solo album is hard enough. silver made three. trevor millett from the sorry's is one of the best lyricists around. Matt Charlton, has some songs. The unreleased matt mays record on my computer is no joke. play guitar ...xian simmons. Oh yeah, garrett mason is amazing.

MP3:: The Lodge - Outdoor Miner (Wire cover)

Band:: Joel Plaskett
Album:: Three
Web:: http://www.joelplaskett.com
Review:: http://www.herohill.com/2009/03/contest-win-three-signed-copies-of-joel.htm

Honestly, we've said so much about Joel this year, there's not much left to say. Another email interview would just confirm what you already know; Joel's a great guy that deserves the attention he gets. That includes a Polaris Short list nod, Verge artist of the year nomination, and more ECMA's than a plumber's got pliers... Throw in the fact he started a vinyl singles collection and 2010 = Thrush Hermit reunion and well you see he never sits still.

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York Redoubt haven't gone their seperate ways. Noah just isn't drumming for them anymore. They're continuing under a different name.


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