Sunday, December 20, 2009

Favorites-'09:: Canadian EPs (redux) + The Darcys

Ah the internet. You giveth and you taketh away. The young scamps from Alberta - known to you all as The Outdoor Miners - tried to get us a song in time for our EPs list, but their internet crapped out like the Saints last night (or, like the Steelers the last 5 f*cking weeks I guess).

Alec and Peter felt so bad about it they sent over a nice little track for us to post after the fact. It's called Melony and it continues to show the potential this outfit offers up on every song.


MP3:: The Outdoor Miners - Melony

Also - even though I don't have an MP3 to post, I have to say the new single from The Darcys is pretty solid. House Built Around Your Voice starts as a surging wall of fuzz, and the Toronto gazers jump into those classic Radiohead sounds, but instead of trying to sound important (or more accurately, pretentious; a curse for many bands influenced by the greatness of the band), The Darcys opt for a more relaxed feel. The track still seems huge, but it exhibits a freedom and moments of delightful sloppiness that balance the shimmering guitar sounds and Yorke-ish vocals. If this is any indication of the upcoming record... I'm on board to here more.

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