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If you were to ask me to name an album that came out of nowhere to become a favorite of mine, The New Tonic by The Extremities would certainly be one of the first records to come to mind. I knew of Fresh Kils and Uncle Fester individually, but knew nothing of their collaboration, and even less about their re-working of the CBC Jazz album Tonic. But, as I indicated in my review, the album was great and I was a big fan.

So, as you might imagine, news of a new Extremities album is greeted with enthusiasm. There’s a new EP slated for early next year on 5&1/4 Records, but the first single, Lost Souls, is available now, and it’s a good’un. Kils’ drum machine expertise sounds bigger than ever, while Fester adds subtle cuts and samples for texture. The sounds are blended so expertly that it’s kind of hard to tell, but I think some live musicianship is brought back again in the form of keys and horns (likely from Tim Crofts and Anthony Rinaldi who are also credited on the single). The result is a hip hop/jazz fusion that is way more headnod-inducing than one would imagine.

If you’re not familiar with The Extremities, this is a great intro to their sound (although I’d encourage you to go back and check out The New Tonic), and keep your ears peeled for new music from the duo in 2010.

MP3:: The Extremities - Lost Souls
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