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I always hate it when I hear about a terrific band from Canada from a blog running south of the border. Not like we can know about every band in Canada, but we should be surfacing the best talent for you.

I guess though, when the band is as good as Vancouver’s Apollo Ghost and the blogger is Ryan over @ The Catbirdseat, playing second fiddle is ok and finally getting on board is much more important than being “first.”

Apollo Ghosts - a three-piece from Vancouver - is the type of band you hear once and fall in love with; it’s that simple. Witty, infectious, spontaneous. The Vancouverites transform the most common of descriptors into something meaningful and true. If I had actually heard this record, it would have easily made my Top 10 for ’09 and knowing that another LP is just around the corner is enough to make me happy and forget the huge oversight.

So, the single we have here- Land of the Morning Calm - is a perfect intro to the band. On Hastings Sunrise, the band successfully moves all over the map, but the creativity and talent that oozes from every song holds it all together. Land of the Morning Calm lures you in with chugging guitars and baritone, yelping and group shouted vocals, but instead of simply building and building to a feverish level, the band keeps both feet on the ground. If you can listen to this song only once, you are a better (wom)man than me.

* The thing is, I could have picked any song from this record to prove my point. The simple intro of Dobermans uses accordion and catchy lyrics to peak your interest, before the band kicks in and turns the quick hitter into something magical. The energy of Little Yokohama. The smile inducing, quirky, acoustic/horn filled ditty, Maybe Its Me… actually, just go stream the whole record and discover the joy for yourself.

MP3:: Apollo Ghosts - Land of the Morning Calm

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