Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Digits

Today's coffee is a bit late, thanks in large part to beers and football, and a child that doesn't realize both equate to Dad wanting to sleep in. Thanks in large to Amanda Ash posting the new Tiesto track ft. Tegan & Sara, I realized it was time to talk about Toronto bedroom, electro malcontent, Digits.

Technically, Digits is the work of one man, Alt Altman, and that's extremely fitting. Instead of composing boombastic electronic symphonies that let you escape, hidden by thousands of other sweat soaked peers, Altman's music is written when you are by yourself, looking just to get lost in the sounds as they dart from ear to ear in your headphones.

His new LP - Hold it Close - is perfect for anyone that thought Erlend Oye's work with Whitest Boy Alive was just a bit too cherry and accessible. It's heartbreaking in it's chill, almost as if no matter how many times love presents itself, Altman is predisposed to let it pass him by. The songs are rich in the bleak depression that dominated 80's music, but not dominated by theatre or implied tragedy. You can grab some tracks at his bandcamp site, but I'd highly suggest grabbing the whole record for a mere 10 bucks.

MP3:: Digits - Sarah

MP3:: Digits - You're Going to Age

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