Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee:: We Are the City

For the last few months, a select number of BC bands have been vying for the grand prize ($150,000 duckets) and the of Peak Performer. Friday night the announcement gave the nod to We Are the City, narrowly beating terrific bands like Bend Sinister and The Left.

Similar contests have been run across Canada - Hollerado recently pocketed 250K - but this one really seemed to help bands build a long term model for success. Obviously winning 150K is fantastic for any young band, but the whole Peak Performance idea shows bands how hard work and creative marketing can help them get heard, get noticed, get signed and get on the road. Blogs, tweets, videos, free demos for anyone wanting to listen; this contest has really highlighted how the digital age is changing the music model and showing that even though people might not be buying as many CDs, we still love and support music.

So congrats to We Are the City, and hopefully this piano rocking anthem will jump start your day.

MP3:: We Are the City - There are Tiny Beasts in the Ground

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