Best-of ’10:: The Getrudes & PS I Love You - Sailor

It’s hard to ignore the power of friendship. Whether it’s that extra boost of confidence to try something new or knowing you have support when things go wrong, it’s crucial for growth. For Kingston’s The Gertrudes, friendship has stepped them out of the church setting they recorded parts of their last - and terrific - Hard Water EP. Now, the band strides defiantly into the bright light standing arm in arm, ready to face down down crashing waves, gusting winds and daring you, me and anyone else to try to break through.

From the outset - even when the band revisits the group harmonies and slow moving, multi-instrument melodies - you feel the difference. The song never relents, surging forward with strings, distortion and the support of their friends, PS I Love You. Over the six plus minutes, the harmonies and tradition The Gertrudes are built upon are still present, but the energy and angst the Kingston two-piece brings to the mix are vital. The final two-minutes swirl chaotically, adding a well timed boost that helps drive the track to the finish line.

The project itself is a fantastic meld of styles and bands. One 7″ record, two songs and four bands. The Gertrudes and PS I Love You handle one side of the acetate while Muskox and Bruce Peninsula hold court on the other. I would suggest you order this fast, especially considering how well the last single PS I Love You recorded fared.

MP3:: The Gertrudes & PS I Love You - Sailor



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