Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reviews:: koAk - In the Sun

As the indie music scene gets more and more flooded with with lo-fi, sun kissed melodies, it becomes harder and harder to remember that rough bedroom recordings have been a way of life for artists long before chill-wave or bro-fi became the flavor of the week. Those lo-fi recordings weren't done to mask limitations; they were used to add life and reality to the songs.

For NB's Ian Wilson - a.k.a. koAk - his preferred collage of fuzz, acoustics and drums has been evolving for years and stems from legends like The Microphones and Eric's Trip not Memory Tapes and Washed Out. KoAk's new record disregards a reliance on synths and samples, as Wilson adds to his structures with sonic blasts and distortion, but this time around, Ian and Meg expanded their sound by fusing in a slowed down surf rock feel to the appropriately titled, In the Sun.

Instead of beach side relaxation and sun bronzed, Dick Dale influenced shakers, the songs move at the pace of a lazy, sun-filled afternoon allowing the psychedelic tones transform the lo-fi tracks in something unexpected and transfixing. There are moments of jaw dropping beauty - the album bookends, Sleepytime (destined to soundtrack your night when the party ends and the sun starts to creep up over the horizon) and Delinelle (an opener that fulfils the crucial task of engaging you in the LP from the opening note) certainly standout - but koAK's liberal use of traditional sounds and mood prevents the dreaded blending of tracks.

They still offer up drone filled bliss, but even the muddiest of terrain - except maybe Highnoon Harmonica - seems to be free from clouds and shadows. The hint of warmth and some nice harmonies gives the songs a soul that powers through. The drums and feedback are simply used for support and embellishment, not distraction. In the Sun manages to surprise and excite you, but also relax you as the 40 minutes starts to wash over you.

Oh, and the band is giving it away for free.

MP3:: koAk - Sleepytime

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At 1:24 PM, Anonymous orange did sayeth:

thanks for the post. music sounds good, but track 10 seems to be broken and can't be unpacked. Re-downloaded the file but still the same error.


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