Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best of '10:: Young Doctors In Love 5 Golden Greats

At some point it just becomes easier to stop looking for the great moment on a good record. It might seem silly to say, but the result is more an more records that get sent our way get tagged with the career stalling descriptor of "they're alright" and proceed to hover near the top of the review pile, but never reach the summit.

That's why when a record explodes out of the speakers with energy, confidence and talent, well, it's something to get excited about. Toronto popsters Young Doctors in Love are a quintet that has seemingly already mastered a recipe that all too many bands struggle with for years and still never get right; three-minute pop tracks built on terrific arrangements, female vocals and a rhythm section that keeps you moving. It's amazing how many bands use the same elements and can't find the right sound.

Instead of trying to craft fuse each track with unnecessary complexities, YDiL opt to follow the sage advice of Thoreau and simplify, simplify, simplify. Song writer Clay Puddester builds the hooks with catchy guitar work, but the rhythm guitar, synths, bass and drums move along side and over top of his chords perfectly. The band seems to know exactly not only who deserves the spotlight, but who should play the crucial supporting role (case in point: the bass line that keeps the harmonica driven Oh Caroline moving) and as a result every melody feels complete.

The 5-song EP never suffer from a letdown, and 5 Golden Greats really lives up to it's title. Now matter how tight and fun the melodies are, it's the vocal work that really seals the deal. Jen and Lesley litter the melodies with "bah, bah, bahs" and "la, la, las" (Eloise And Her Sister Marta and the infectious The Sound Of Broken Glass) and really give the songs the power and punch we've all come to expect from prototypical Canadian pop outfit, The New Pornographers.

Amazingly though, in the quick hitting 16-minutes, Young Doctors in Love not only display the potential to warrant comparisons to established acts with devout fans, but also the talent to stand on their own songs. Even the bold tempo change that starts the EP closer, Don't Turn Away, oozes with charisma and floats nicely, when in the hands of many it would sink. If these 5-songs are an indication of what the band has to offer, I'd guess Canadian indie-pop fans will be filing into their shows very, very soon.

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