Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Contest:: Win (5) copies of The Burning Hell This Charmed Life

UPDATE - all 5 copies are now gone. Thanks for entering.

It's not surprising that an artist making the long, lonely trek up North would search his inner soul for inspiration. The thing is, when it comes to The Burning Hell's front man Mathias Kom, I'm not sure he's ever held anything back from his audience. He had long since found alienation and loneliness so instead of a collection of songs offering up a glimpse into his most personal thoughts and fears, Kom's trip to Whitehorse just provided him new subject matter and settings.

What did change is how the songs were delivered. The Burning Hell has just released a tour only 12" (or downloadable record) - This Charmed Life - but instead of standing alone with his uke or with the support of his rollicking band of noisemakers, the record is Kom, his uke, the wonderful cello work of Darcy McCord, and the subtle electronics of Walter Bloodway.

Obviously, the journey affected Kom. The songs were born from random road signs and town names, cold nights and bus trips (including three moody, cinematic instrumentals written as he traveled up North) but it's the interesting arrangements that really make you sit up and take notice. Kom has always had a knack for using his sad baritone to draw you into the most bizarre lyrics, and of course that doesn't change (the record's opening line is "Robert, you're such an idiot", which sung by almost anyone else would leave even the biggest fan a bit suspicious), but the way he presents his thoughts certainly does.

Instead of uke picking, the opening number Robert's Bad End really builds from Darcy's slow bowed strings. It's a subtle shift, but gets you ready for bigger changes. The second track - Don't Let Your Guard Down - is where things get interesting. Walter adds a pulsing heartbeat to the song and Kom's staccato delivery suits it perfectly. His backbeat transforms the oddly summery riff of Last Winter into a head nodding, windows down car ready ditty that I didn't think Kom had in him. The rest of the record is equally as enjoyable and surprising. Northern Life uses a darker, almost ominous electronics and string arrangement to push Kom's trademark word play and wit into the shadows. Honestly, Kom's clever metaphors and deprecating humor benefit from the modern textures his friends add to the mix, and make this EP/LP a necessity for fans of the band.

So, how can you get a copy? Well, we have 5 - that's right 5 - digital copies up for grabs and we will make this easy. The first 5 people to email us (herohill AT gmail DOT COM) or leave their email in the comments section below will get a nice download code from zunior in return. Not a bad deal there folks, so make with the entering.

MP3:: The Burning Hell - Last Winter
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/mathiaskom
LABEL:: http://www.weewerk.com/

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I love the burning hell. Peterboroughs best.


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Hi I just bought Burning Hell's last two albums just before Christmas. They were great! Would love a copy of his newest, but I'll be just as happy if I have to pay for it. jean.wilson369@gmail.com


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