Matt Dillon’s Soul Patch:: Wintersleep & Holy Fuck

Wintersleep - New Inheritors

My goal for any Wintersleep coverage we offer up over the next year or so is simple; never mention “that song”. If I’m already bored to tears by the constant comparison, so I’m sure the band is completely over reading about how any new song stacks up. Thankfully, New Inheritors is the type of song that makes you forget about everything else.

Paul’s trademark vocals and acoustic welcome you as they blend with the warm synths in a very understated way, but it’s the other components of this song that shows why Wintersleep is a great band, not just a band with a great song. The horns, harmonies and amazing bass line are as confident as they are infectious and before long you are trying to sing along to a song you don’t even know. The four and a half minutes ends too quickly and with how effortlessly this song burns into your brain I think we can finally put all of the other ghosts to bed and look forward to the best Wintersleep LP to date.

MP3:: Wintersleep - New Inheritors

Holy Fuck - Latin America

On the other end if the spectrum is the Toronto based noise quartet, Holy Fuck. Much like the output of Dan Snaith, I rarely find myself reaching for Holy Fuck records to fill up my daily listens, but when I’m in the mood there psychedelic electronics are the perfect answer. The funny thing is I’ve seen Brian and Graham more times simply playing shows - either solo or with Julie Fader - than almost any other band in the last couple of year, so it feels even longer than 3 years since I’ve heard anything new from the Holy Fuck.

One listen to the new single - Latin America - leaked via chatroulette, and you can tell the young men have been working on translating the power and flow of the live shows onto record. Latin America builds slowly, gaining speed and power before quickly retreating and building again. I’ve never really thought of HF as a studio band - they seemed to come to life when the adrenaline was pumping - but if the rest of Latin is as strong as the opening single, I might have to change my thinking.

MP3:: Holy Fuck - Latin America

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Whatever's Cool With Me March 31st, 2010 at 12:30 pm

I love all of Wintersleep's albums, but I'm pretty ho-hum on the new single. I'm still anxious to hear the rest of the new CD.

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