Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Nope - Melba

The Nope

Posting time is tight right now for yer man Naedoo, as I try to run the gauntlet between impending moves in real life and blog life (former: we're building a new house, latter: we are moving this baby to Wordpress as we speak), and so you can expect a steady diet of this here kind of post. What kind of post is it? Simply one where I tell you about a group, album, or song, then tell you it's good, and you take it from there. I get a post up, you get music without all my usual waffle. It's win and then win again.

Today's group then? It's The Nope, which is a duo comprised of Psy from the Oddities and Canada's rap endurance champ, Moka Only. Their debut album, Melba came out on Urbnet in December, and if you like anything in Moka's substantial back-catalog, you're gonna be saying Yep to The Nope in a hurry. After all, according to their bio, the guys aren't trying to break any ground here:

As The Nope emcee Psy shares, "We're exactly the same as every other music group you've ever heard before. So, prepare for absolute boredom." For once, a rapper tells the truth.

Certainly a little bit of the facetiousness in there, as they play on the fact that so much hip hop does sound alike in '010, but there's no much boredom to be found. What you can find is Moka's trademark chugging grooves in their production, and Psy is a perfect lyrical foil for Ron Contour, as they are both able wrap the lightest of lyrics around the most mundane topic.

It's good springtime music, this, so go check it out.

MP3:: The Nope - Rain All Day
GET IT::thenope.bandcamp.com

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