Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Hitters:: Circle Research

I went with some instrumental electronic music for yesterday's post, and because that went so well, I thought I'd do the same today. Of course I base the assertion that yesterday's post went well on nothing but my own opinion, but such is my right as the jerk writing this here post. Anyhoo, today's post comes after I was recently introduced to Toronto production duo Circle Research, who have a new album called Gardiner Express coming out on Urbnet next month.

Circle Research is comprised of longtime friends Nik T and Gil, whose latest album pays homage to their nights spent making the pilgrimage from their home-burb of Etobicoke to downtown Toronto. The duo has all kind of sample-y goodness on their myspace and youtube pages, and it's good stuff in my humble - plenty of hip hop influence evident in it's boom-bappery, but still plenty of other influences on display as well. Apparently they are going even further back to the essence on their new album, leaning heavily on classic analog drum machines & samplers, and I, for one, won't argue with such a tactic.

So if you're in the market for more Canadians who can make the machines sing, or go bleep and blurp in rather pleasing fashion, I'd check out Circle Research (they have a mini-remix version of Yes! available on their myspace, that's a good starting point).

MP3:: Circle Research - Tick Tock

MP3:: Circle Research - Valentine Girl

MP3:: K-Os - 4,3,2,1 (Circle Research Remix)

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