Quick Hitters:: Madeline adams/Your Heart Breaks/Karl Blau Tour EP

These days we don’t sample from musical reservoir located South of the Border much. Too many bands, not enough posts kind of thing I guess. That being said, there are still a few artists that without fail, get instant attention from the hill. One of those artists is Karl Blau.

Blau, and really the whole Anacortes scene - anything Phil Elverum touches, Ben Kamen, Your Heart Breaks and of course, honorary Washington-ians Julie Doiron and Fred Squire - have always managed to blend lo-fi aesthetic with warming textures and depth.

Back in ’08, Karl, Clyde Peterson and Madelaine got together to record a special tour EP. Obviously, the tour only CDR was tough to get a hold of, so the pretty special six-song offering went largely unnoticed. That was until this press release came from Madelaine’s camp:

In the summer of 2008, Orange Twin Records artist Madeline toured the Pacific Northwest with friends Clyde Peterson (Yr Heart Breaks) and Karl Blau (solo artist, Mt. Eerie, Little Wings, D+). While hanging out in Anacordes, Washington they dropped by a local artist collective called The Department of Safety to play around in Kevin Erickson’s studio.

Friends like Phil Elverum (Mt. Eerie) and Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki) dropped in and out of the studio all night to play along on drums, guitars, horns and casio keys. The resulting Tour EP has all the low-fi charm you would expect from a k-records style production, which works as an amazing juxtaposition to Madeline’s bell-voiced love songs.

Honestly, the talent packed into that studio and on these songs is enough to get anyone to listen, even someone like me that had never heard any of Madelaine’s previous efforts. The three trade vocals, with Madelaine taking lead on three songs, Peterson on two and Karl delivering a terrific cover of Richmond Fontaine’s Post to Wire with Madelaine, but the songs fit together like the beginning stage of a jenga tower. The EP is full of warm, casio beats and strong vocals but it’s the way the vocals still manages to shine through that helps the songs hit home. The purity of Madelaine’s soars above the infectious programming, hand claps and acoustic flourishes on the catchy as hell Boy you loved to watch me cry and isn’t just a perfect introduction to the Athen’s based singer, but also to the project in general.

Carl follows up with Holding on, another keyboard driven sad song but the real standout on this EP is the beautiful I Waited All Day. The piano ballad gives Madelaine the freedom to let her voice grab the spotlight, but she’s supported nicely by well placed horns. The three-minute track stings you like a jab to the heart and really makes me realize I need to get a copy of Madelaine’s upcoming album, White Fang.

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