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Friday, March 12, 2010

Reviews:: Walter Schreifels An Open Letter To The Scene

In the last few years, the concept of an open letter has evolved from poignant criticism or observation to a default mechanism for forced comedy akin to bashing hipsters and making videos/images of cats for satire. In the hands of most, the results are at best disappointing (at worst, rage inducing) but when done right, the message can be biting and engaging.

So when criminally underrated rocker Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools and Walking Concert) decided to name his latest LP, An Open Letter to the Scene, it could only go one of two ways. Thankfully, instead of an angry rant to the kids of today, this letter reads like a "how-to" for any artist looking to tackle the indie folk rock scene.

Walter has seen more than his fair share of things in the 20 years he's been writing music, and An Open Letter To The Scene shows him aging gracefully without losing his roots. He looks back with a fondness - interesting reworks of Agnostic Front's Sucker City and Don't Gotta Prove It (a song he wrote for CIV) fit perfectly into the record, as does the nostalgic title track - but the record never gets stuck in the past. He manages to add just enough muscle to keep his long time fans happy, but witty tracks like The Ballad of Lil' Kim, touching tributes (Arthur Lee's Lullabye) and reflective moments like Shootout keep Walter's songs fresh.

In the end, Walter accomplishes everything you should with an open letter and more importantly with a solo record. His opinions are presented clearly, without needless screaming or vitriol, but never is the music sacrificed for the message. An Open Letter to the Scene is full of thought provoking observations, hope but the quick hitting 30-minutes are hook laden and always enjoyable. Bloggers and cynics take note; when a seasoned pro takes the time to deliver a piece of art, instead of rushing through a "me first" exhibit, we all win.

Walter Schreifels — Arthur Lee's Lullaby from The Town Pump on Vimeo.

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