Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee:: Carmel Mikol

You might know Cape Breton's Carmel Mikol from her recent addition to the CBC playlist. You might have heard about her when she won the Great American Songwriting contest. Hell, you might even know her from the countless shows she played during the EMCAs and the positive reviews she garnered. We at the hill hope you know her from her classic interview of the one only John Oates at the 30A Songwriters Festival, but the point is, in the very near future mot East Coast music lovers will know the name Carmel Mikol.

The stars seem to be aligning for the release of her new record, In My Bones, and the determined young women from the Cape isn't letting the opportunity float by. She's been touring the country/continent, road testing the songs and you can really see how that helped the songs. In My Bones is a rootsy, folk effort full of well thought out, professional arrangements. Even on first pass you get a sense that Mikol put her heart & soul into the record, wanting more than just writing another singer/songwriter acoustic LP and at the end of the day, that decision is what will help Mikol the most.

In My Bones is tailor made for the adult contemporary, folk/pop demographic that CBC and its countless listeners love. Writing songs that can be enjoyed by a few is one thing, but Mikol seems determined to have her words and melodies hit the ears of a much bigger audience. Sure, In My Bones might have a few stumbles and a few unnecessary cliches, but it shows that Carmel is on the right path and music isn't going to be just a passing fancy in her life.

So, Halifax - If you are looking to hear some nice, breezy songs you should head down to the Company House for Mikol's Halifax CD release show tonight. She'll be playing with her partner in crime Kim Wempe. Not a bad way to end the weekend if you ask me.

MP3:: Carmel Mikol - Blaming Myself

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