Video Hits:: Zeus, Owen Pallett, Joel Plaskett, THT, Caribou


It’s Thursday, which means videos here on the hill, and I’m not exaggerating even slightly when I say that this is easily the greatest blog post containing five Canadian music videos ever! Wait, scratch that, I just noticed it’s all dudes, so I am likely exagerating a little bit, but it’s damn good! (I think I’ll have an all-female version of video hits next week, so hit me off with suggestions).

But come now, anyone could see the quality on display down below, both in the audio and the visuals. I think my favorites are the partially animated clips from hill-faves Zeus and Hours Traffic, but the rest are just as good. There’s something un-hinged about the art house movie-esque video for Owen Pallet’s Lewis Takes Off His Shirt, but it seems to fit the song perfectly. Things are slightly more hinged in the video for the like-able-as-ever Joel Plaskett’s You Let Me Down, but I think most of us Haligonians mainly enjoy it because it features two of the city’s most antiquated sports facilities (The Forum and Huskies Stadium). To wrap things up we have the haunting video for Caribou’s Odessa, a song that I used to think of as a feel good, body movin’ little number. Not anymore.

Enjoy the vids!

Zeus - Marching Through Your Head

MP3:: Zeus - Marching Through Your Head

Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

MP3:: Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

Joel Plaskett - You Let Me Down

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - You Let Me Down

Two Hours Traffic - Noisemaker

MP3:: Two Hours Traffic - Territory

Caribou - Odessa

MP3:: Caribou - Odessa



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