Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's This, A Party?:: Root Down & The Shining Path

Ok, due to some busy-ness last weekend, we didn't get and remix goodness posted for you fine folks last weekend. That won't do, so we're making it up to you with a double dose today. Neither has any Canadian content, but they are both pretty great in my humble, so I don't foresee much complaining.

We posted NY producer 5 Alive's K'Naan remix a month or so ago, and to show his gratitude, Mike sent us a few more of his creations. One of which happens to mix the Beasties Root Down with the infamous Michael McDonald sample that was likely already famous, but Warren G made famous-er. Well, seeing as how the hill loves both the Beasties and Regulate, this was a no-brainer to post - it just took a little while to get up. It's a good one, I think you'll enjoy it.

The next song is a little more current, but just as good. I've been an RJD2 fan for quite some time, so it's been good to see people excited about RJ's new album, The Colossus. There's another NY producer who's also excited about this album: Alan Wilkis, who recently sent us his remix of The Shining Path, which is a really smoothed out, jazzy take on the song and it suits Phonte Coleman's vocals to a T. Another really good song and remix for you, so enjoy it, and your weekend.

MP3:: Beastie Boys - Root Down (5 Alive Remix)

MP3:: RJD2 - The Shining Path (Alan Wilkis Remix)

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