Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Leathers

The Leathers

Bam, suck on that! Considering the amount of music we're sent, it seems funny that I almost never get the urge to post something based on cover art alone. But the notion of that cover above being associated to a hip hop album had my curiosity more than a little peaked. As it turns out, The Leathers are the T.O. duo of Atherton and P-Brain, and, as the story goes, shortly after they teamed up, they purchased some leather jackets at a vintage store for $20 and decided to rock them on-stage. They realized the jackets were super-awesome, and so, The Leathers were born.

And I, for one, am glad for their birth, as their self-titled debut is pretty enjoyable. I might just be projecting, but the group's name does feel appropriate when you listen to the album. It's full of loud, aggressive beats that use big drums and splice in guitar riffs and other dark sounds here and there to create a mostly ominous sound. Lyrically, the songs also sound aggressive, on the surface anyway, but the subject matter is much more introspective than one would think on first listen. Hair Loss for example, finds the fellas getting their Redman/Dr. Trevis on, and examining exactly what it is about being an underground rapper that causes so much anxiety, or there's Self Sabotage which is about various short-circuiting one's chances with the opposite sex.

That said, it's not all emo-raps and sad-sackery when The Leathers are on the scene. Songs like Bridge Breaks, Forevermore, Too Bad, and even the peppy, Fresh Kils-produced Paul & Devin hit with the kind of impact you'd expect from straight-ahead, boom-bap rap. Quite simply, the more I hear The Leathers, the more I like them. Of course they're going to appeal to anyone who already likes their brand of semi self-deprecating hip hop, that has been seen folks like Slug, Sole and Sage cultivate a ready-made audience for it, but they've got enough charm & humour in what they do that they might even lure in the elusive "I don't usually like hip hop, but I like this!" crowd. But, for what it's worth, I do like hip hop, and I do indeed like this.

MP3:: The Leathers - Too Bad

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