Quick Hitters:: Kick Evrything This I is Demented and Possibly Deceased

It’s hard to jump into a review of Vancouver’s Kick Evrything without being tempted to lead with an easy and obvious sounds like. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I constantly bitch when critics get lazy and take the obvious route (see how I did that?), but truth be told I don’t like the band that is constantly throw around when describing the unique and unsettling sounds Casey and Paul are creating and relying on that descriptor would mean I didn’t like Kick Evrything either.

And on paper, maybe I shouldn’t, but the more I soak in This I is Demented and Possibly Deceased the more I enjoy it. The whole record sounds like it was recorded on Radio Raheem‘s boom box (note: this would be awesome and some band needs to make this happen), almost as if the sounds were bursting from the duo and not even time or money could stop KE from getting their music out. Stomping through lo-fi blues, swirling hippie freak folk, banged out synth driven tracks and fuzz filled ambiance, the thirty minutes has just enough sex appeal, grit, snot and washed out sun to keep you as interested as you are uncomfortable.

Casey has the presence you need in a front woman, and the band shows they can move freely across countless genres without sounding lost or unfocused. Even as they float from stomped out blues to a pseudo 90′s/alterna-pop number (Dusty -> Tail End) or crank the noise and energy back up for the heavy tail end of the record (Buck and Fun certainly find the LP concluding on a spirited high), they keep it together nicely, which helps you stay with the band when they drift farther away from anyone’s comfort zone.

MP3:: Kick Evrything - Dusty
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