Friday, April 9, 2010

Reviews:: Dance Movie It's in the And

After seeing local media woman about town Tara Thorne and her drummer (Craig Jennex) fight through a set of starts and stops, feedback and forced tenderness at the Company House a few months ago, I wasn't exactly excited to hear the recorded output she had on tap.

The set moved from romantic to chaotic, often within a few strums of the guitar and I wondered if Thorne's keen ear and critic's voice would result in songs aiming to please her peers, instead of coming from the person she holds back from the masses.

But when I listened to It's in the And, I realized there is something there. Thorne is obviously an educated woman, but as she proudly shows on the interesting fictional love affair/crime spree (Carjack My Heart) her love of pop culture - especially Gilmore Girls - and nerdiness are more important to her songs than the hottest trends or crafting songs to impress journalists.

The most pleasant surprise about the 16-minute EP was the clean and crisp sound the band delivers. Thorne is a relatively new musician, but patience and Amelia Curran's production eliminate the stumbles I heard on stage and the impact violinist Kinley Dowling brings to the band is crucial. Her deft bow work really helps thicken the mix and helps bridge the gap left by the quiet/loud/quiet/ arrangements Thorne prefers; and it's those arrangements really help make this EP bigger than it has the right to be.

The well paced build and group vocals on the inspiring Light Bright Tonight and the horns on Fail transform Thorne's personal admissions into full songs. Naturally, there are some lulls and missteps, but for a debut EP Tara has shown the potential that helps fans get excited to see what's next. And if the genre of dance movies has proven anything, there's always a sequel in the works.

MP3:: Dance Movie - Carjack My Heart

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At 6:25 PM, Anonymous p did sayeth:

This record has blown me away completely. I love Dance Movie live (were you at the release? Their show is getting better and better), and I cannot believe how well Tara's voice and energy and heart translated to disc. Amelia Curran did an amazing job producing, and the band is super talented, but the best part is Tara's hilarious and then heartbreaking songwriting and beautifully strong voice. I love her lack of pretension and irony. Dance Movie is my favourite Halifax band right now, hands down. I'm really glad you like the record.


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