Herohill t-shirts:: Get em before they’re gone

We’ve been meaning to let you all know that we have a limited number of Yo Rodeo designed t-shirts left to unload (printed by local print wizards, Zero T-shirts) to any of the few (but loyal and appreciated) fans we might have picked up over the years.


For 15 bucks + shipping you can support the blog and help our inane postings about local and National bands you may not like. Seems like a win-win for all right? I mean, t-shirts are comfy. Black is slimming. Pink is the new black, which by some crazy math makes these shirts double slimming. Old-skool breakers and custom fonts will impress even your most hipsterish friend… and of course, herohill is a great spot to waste 10 minutes of time on the boss’ dime, so some extra cash will help keep us moving.


So, if you are interested, drop us an email - herohill AT gmail DOTCOM - and make sure we have your size in stock. Once they are gone, they are gone.

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