News:: herohill & killbeat do NXNE

That’s right folks. herohill and our good friends at killbeat music will be all over NXNE like Lohan on free drinks, dudes or piles of blow. Not only that, but we are fixing to turn NXNE into a classic east/west battle that rivals BIGGIE and Pac - or, more accurately for us, Rodney O/Joe Cooley versus all of NY (and Hammer).


Representing the East are two charming song men and storytellers - David Myles and Old Man Luedecke - and from the West we have T. Nile, The Wheat Pool. It could get pretty heated @ The Dakota on June 18th, so thankfully Evening Hymns and Young Doctors in Love will remain impartial referees (albeit, amazingly talented and rocking ones).


In all seriousness though, we are extremely proud of this lineup and it’s going to be a fantastic night of music, so hopefully we can cram the Dakota full of people. We even have a top secret guest that will burn down the venue @ 2AM. So, in an effort to get you exited, the good folks over at killbeat have put together a nice little splash page with a link to some videos and free songs from the artists, so head over and make with the click-y, click-y.


Here’s the official lineup:

Friday June 18 at The Dakota Tavern

  • 8PM - T. Nile Band
  • - download Cabin Song

  • 9PM - Old Man Luedecke
  • - download The Rear Guard

  • 10PM - David Myles
  • - download Gone For Long

  • 11PM - The Wheat Pool
  • - download This Is It

  • 12AM - Evening Hymns
  • 1AM - Young Doctors In Love

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