Quick hitters:: Cotton Mouth Tour EP

Back as 2008, I was hoping the few tiny ripples I made in the in the Parlovr pool would grow into a tsunami sized wave of hyperbolic buzz. Obviously it didn’t, but the band’s hustle paid off when they signed with Dine Alone records. It’s hard to hear Parlovr and not recognize the talent and energy they deliver with their blend of frantic indie rock, noise and soaring anthems, but the man behind the knobs deserves some credit for the end result as well.


Every time I listened to the LP, I wondered, “How do three guys playing sloppy chords on shitty equipment make sounds that big?” The answer, at least in some fashion, is Martin Horn. He produced and recorded the band’s self-titled debut and, more importantly for the purpose of this post, he started another musical project with Parlovr called Cotton Mouth. Admittedly, it’s hard to hear the name Cotton Mouth and not think of that shitty rip rock crew, Kottonmouth Kings - honestly, those dudes put out 9 records. NINE! - but name aside, Horn’s tracks stand out from the countless number of synth bands by wisely choosing not to go toe-to-toe in a battle of intensity with some of Montreal’s more famous, apocalyptic synth/guitar outfits.


Sure, you can hear some of the same touch points - especially since the all-too-brief, 12-minute EP starts with the infectious Black Hand; a song where the staccato guitars, backing vocals and drum claps fit Horn’s vocals tighter than most of the jeans you see in Montreal - but Cotton Mouth experiments with a more moody, paced and atmospheric sound. The quartet shows remarkable restraint as they build tension with jagged blasts of noise but never explode into climax and continue to challenge the listener with two change of pace instrumentals (Plume and Running) that showcase Horn’s ability to create instrumental tapestries. By distorting almost every note, Cotton Mouth completely ignores the overused gimmick of trying to give machine driven melodies a human feel or a tangible heartbeat and lets the bleeps and blips shine brightly.

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MP3:: Cotton Mouth - Black Hand
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/cottonmouthmontreal

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