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As some trite bastard once said “variety is the spice of life”, but variety can also be confusing. Case in point: the six-song debut EP from TO trio The Cheap Speakers. The album opens with Alibi, which is a solid, if rather straight-ahead, almost 90′s alternative sounding rocker, but when the peppy girl-pop of Love Affair kicked in on song two, I had to check and see if I had the shuffle on by accident.


But that’s not to say that pulling a Son of Berserk and changing the style is a bad thing - if you’ve got different folks in the band that can write songs and sing, far be it from me to pooh-pooh that plan. Sloan appears to have been a large influence on the band, and seeing as how we’re from where we are from, it would be blasphemy to disparage a plan of attack they made famous. And there appears to be Haltown influence in just more than the bands predilection for role rotation, as A Sign That You Don’t Care hits the ole “Halifax sound” right on the head. But the Speakers also throw in a taste of home, as Tongue skitters by at the frenetic dancefloor-filling pace that the kids in Southern Ontario are so fond of.


So as a debut, I think this EP certainly hints at some real promise for The Cheap Speakers. After all, they have to look no further than fellow Ontarians The Balconies for a band that is making some noise with a 2-dudes-and-a-lady lineup. I think they might also take a page from The Balconies book, and get a bit more of a vocal contribution from Natalia Manzocco as the Balconies have with Jacquie Neville, but I’m interested to hear what comes next from The Cheap Speakers.


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MP3:: The Cheap Speakers - Love Affair

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