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Why is it we so often find ourselves tying music in to the current meteorological climate in our little part of the world? This is kind of a rhetorical question as far as the Ack and I are concerned, because the weather is so unpredictable here in our coastal locale, that everyone treats discussing it like a favorite pastime. But I could certainly mean the royal blog-we in this case, as I’m sure plenty of other bloggers do this kind of thing - either complaining about, or reveling in, the conditions of a specific day, or relating the current season to whatever we’re posting about. Whatever the reason may be, brace yourself, ’cause I’m about to do it again.


Jetset Motel’s self-titled brings the sun to mind, specifically, after listening to the album, I pictured myself listening to them play live in some comfortably dingy bar attached to a roadside motel on the side of some California highway after a long, satisfying day of sun-soaked driving. Why that specific mental image? I have no idea exactly, but I think it has something to do with the simultaneous feelings of warm familiarity and world-weariness that arise when I listen to the album. David Picco fronts this band of Newfoundland natives who’ve all been living & performing in Toronto for years, and it seems like there’s a real air of experience when he sings these songs of road-induced heartache & break.


Not that they sound much alike, but listening to Jetset Motel’s album reminded me of seeing Yukon Blonde at this past HPX. I didn’t know much about Yukon Blonde, but seeing them live I was kind of taken aback by how easy they made playing great, really cohesive music seem. It was kind of the same with Jetset Motel’s album - these guys have all been playing for years, and it shows. The band sounds great, the harmonies are great when they’re utilized, and Picco strikes the right note with his vocals. The band has a throwback, roots-rock sound which comes to the fore on songs like the jangly Way It’s Been, Circles, Pass By Slow and Goin’ Down The Road. That said, they aren’t averse to cranking the amps up and rocking the joint with guitar-heavy songs like Guess You Know By Now, Never Been Done, Pawn Shop, or the rockabilly-influenced Late In The Early Early Morning.


In the end, I’m not sure that people who don’t listen to music with an eye on what they plan to write about it on their moderately successful Canadian music blog even much care about finding music that matches the season and/or weather, but I can tell you this much as just a regular music connoisseur: Jetset Motel has themselves an album that I’ll be reaching for over and over again this summer. Check it out for yourself and see if you feel the same.

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MP3:: Jetset Motel - Way Its Been


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