East Coast represent:: Rich Aucoin, It Kills, Jenn Grant, Fred Squire and Ghettosocks/Extremities

Shane and I are heading down to CBC to blather on about herohill and what writing an East Coast music blog is all about. Instead of the post I had lined up - sorry The Provincial Archive, you will have to wait until tomorrow - I think it makes sense to give some quick links to some of the best bands representing Nova Scotia these days. So if any of you are here from Mainstreet (@cbcmainstreet) and making your inaugural visit to herohill…. kick off your shoes, relax your socks and enjoy a couple of songs from some NS bands you might not have heard of yet.


Rich Aucoin - Without a doubt, Mr. Aucoin has made the most of his releases. From his Grinch-inspired debut EP to an upcoming record that features over 500 friends and musicians from across the country, this young man never gives less that 150%. His dance floor ready anthems have become more intricate (and more Daft Punk/Justice inspired) over the last few years and chances are when Public Publication is released in late August, Rich is going to be a very busy man (including spots opening for Weezer, Of Montreal and Hot Hot Heat.

MP3:: Rich Aucoin - Push


It Kills - I’ve already gushed about the talent this trio offers up a few times (including a Top records of 2010 so far tag), but for those unfamiliar with the emotion laden combination of classical strings and acoustic guitar It Kills is hard to describe. I’ve tried by saying they are kind of like a Sigur Ros that grew up in Halifax instead of Iceland, but really the cinema ready songs are good enough to stand above casual/lazy sounds-like descriptions. There music is spiritual, and personifies the human touch instrumental music often lacks.

MP3:: It Kills - Sailors


Fred Squire - Here’s a man that lives in Sackville, N.B. and if the stars ever aligned (or he ever wanted to step out of the comforts of his own life), Fred Squire would be a song writer the country would hold close. Mixing vivid imagery with a decidedly Neil Young mix of acoustic guitar, piano and blasts from his trusty electric, Squire fuses the muscle we need with the heartbreak that can bring a grown man to tears. Powerful, powerful stuff.

MP3:: Frankie & Albert - Fred Squire


Jenn Grant - I’m not sure if there is a more underrated NS performer than Jenn Grant. Her last record, Echoes, showed the growth that critics crave from any artist, but she never lost her playful almost naive charms and outlook. She’s shown that she’s grown as a woman and an artist, but still has a smile for anyone that wants to say hello. I was speaking on a panel at NXNE and her voice won over the ear of four radio programmers from the US in less than a minute.

MP3:: Jenn Grant - Good Woman (Echoes b-side)


Ghettosocks - When it comes to East Coast hiphop, I don’t think anyone’s been as innovative or as consistent as the Grand Wizard. Ghettosocks has made a name for himself with hustle and rhymes that make you laugh while you shake your ass. Big glasses? Liquor to pandas? On-time rhymes with some golden age flavor? You know it. A project fusing hip hop with Twin Peaks? You bet. Basically, Socks might be the most creative rapper going these days, and certainly deserves some of the attention you might be saving for Shad and D-Sisive.


Throw in the fact this song features the fantastical TO/Hali collabo known as The Extremities and we have a winner.

MP3:: The Extremities - Dial Tones (ft. Ghettosocks, LushLife & Ambition)

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