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It’s Friday, and a few stellar records are still sitting on my desk waiting to be reviewed ( Eamon McGrath‘s new one, Japandroids old one and Bad Tits) but for the last few days, Halifax’s Quiet Parade has stolen my listening time.


With the release schedule of Trevor’s other band - Sleepless Nights - I’m not sure how he finds to record tracks for Quiet Parade, but the slowed pace and subtle textures works well for him. Whether it’s xylophones, hand claps or the nice group vocals on “This House is Haunted”, Murphy and his friends certainly extend the pop pleasantries that helped make Labour Day such a beautiful record, but the songs are a bit more muscular and desolate this time around.


And while Murphy cites talents like Mark Kozalek and Alan Sparhawk as his influences (and to be fair you can hear those darker thoughts and sounds on “Electric Fences” and a mild, Sparhawkian obsession with God does shape the EP), the honest, accessible sound he prefers channels another, much more notable Canadian artist with the surname Downie. Songs like “How Come You Never Call” and “Make Me Right” eschew the beer chugging anthems that appeal to the hockey jersey, beer swilling fans of The Hip and showcase some of the same talent Downie delivers so effortlessly on his solo and stripped down numbers.


With each release, Murphy shows he’s a talented song writer, just one that shape shifts like a god damn Barbapapa. For me, Quiet Parade is the one that resonates the loudest, and the one I wish Murphy would spend more time developing. That being said, I’m not going to turn down any of the free-EPs he offers up from Sleepless Nights either. Considering the incredible amount of talented musicians here in Canada’s Ocean Playground, it’s not surprising that Trevor’s bands fly under the radar. Hopefully that is a wrong that we can right.


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MP3:: Quiet Parade - How Come You Never Call
WEB:: http://www.quietparade.com

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