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Over the next few days we’ll be highlighting some tracks from the highly anticipated Steel City Trawler, the new long player from Luke Doucet. To get you excited, we picked his brain and got some honest, well thought out answers about the subject matter and inspiration of his new songs. We’ll have a review and an exclusive MP3 on Tuesday when the record drops, but until then, we wanted to give Luke a bit of extra shine and invite you to see how the man’s brain works.


To keep it interesting, we are also scanning our hard drive to find some covers that you may not have heard yet. Today, how about a something from The Boss? Doucet’s take on “I’m on Fire” from SXSW in 2006. I know covering Springsteen is pretty well the norm now, but the emotion he puts into this solo version of the song is pretty heavy.


Today we are going to talk about “Thinking People” and get to hear about Luke’s heartfelt concern for the crazy times we live in and the thoughts of even crazier people. Somehow he touches on all that without getting preachy or boring… good stuff indeed.

Thinking People:Thinking People: as America becomes more & more polarized, so it seems is the rest of the world and an overarching factor that has the most divisive effect is one based on mythology, tribalism, supernatural elitism and wishful thinking. I have taken the liberty of declaring that only 2 sectors of the population at large are contributing usefully: the thinkers & the workers. Obviously there are few who wouldn’t claim to be members of both but by naming them, I am hinting that many do not deserve either designation. Unfortunately many of those play much larger roles in our world than they should. Our parents’ generations watched optimistically as “things” appeared to get better. Women were on the road to liberation, the final emancipation of blacks was imminent, rock & roll gave rise to unseen freedom of expression, and the population appeared to be shirking the irrational superstitious patriarchy of the church. Now in 2011, we live in a world more divided & more religiously intolerant & irrational than almost any other time in recent history. (And it’s just a rock & roll song).

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MP3:: Luke Doucet - I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)




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