Deeper into Music:: Luke Doucet, the final chapter

Over the next few days we’ll be highlighting some tracks from the highly anticipated Steel City Trawler, the new long player from Luke Doucet. To get you excited, we picked his brain and got some honest, well thought out answers about the subject matter and inspiration of his new songs. We’ll have a review and an exclusive MP3 on tomorrow when the record drops, but until then, we wanted to give Luke a bit of extra shine and invite you to see how the man’s brain works.


Today we are going to talk about “Magpie”:

Magpie: Although this record was meant to be a rock & roll album through & through, my classic rock tendencies always insist on a Classic Rock-style acoustic ballad. My inner Pete Townsend thinks he’s Elliot Smith. This is a love song. It begs forgiveness for cynicism: ‘Please bring me back from “I don’t care” to “You & Me”, the city makes a fool of me sometimes.’ Are we, as musicians (dancers, cinematographers, fashion designers-artists) so self-obsessed & narcissistic that we allow our reflections in the shop windows along Queen Street to obscure the real people we are (or claim to be)? In the annals of popular public discourse, the battlefields of Us & Them are often demarked by City & Country (or worse, the dreaded Suburb-the 416 vs 905…604 vs 250…312 vs 708). And while I fear I will always be a city boy, I am aware that our self-congratulatory big city ways are only eclipsed by our country brethren’s propensity for the provincial (who do you think YOU are?). I suppose in parts of this song I am calling myself out, for the times I lose myself at the expense of the person I love.


There is a place at the bottom of a man’s falsetto voice that is both the most difficult to use and the most vulnerable. I wrote this song in a key that would require I mine the shallow waters of this vocal soft spot. It may not be entirely flattering but it puts the vulnerability front and center.

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